Interactive Coping Wheel: Emotional Regulation + Behavioral Strategies


Looking for an interactive and “fun” way to discuss using coping tools? This is perfect! It provides kids with a visual as well as a tangible to take with them!

This activity packet allows for your student to customize their very own coping skills wheel, full of the exercises and techniques that work for them.

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Even as adults, expressing how we feel can be difficult at times. Dealing with those feelings can be even more difficult – especially for children.

This packet includes:

  • One 8-section template
  • + Corresponding cover page
  • One 6-section template
  • + Corresponding cover page
  • + BONUS: two pre-made templates (to make assembly a breeze!)
  • 6 pages (over 25 graphics) of coping skills
  • + blank customizable template
  • Instructions for use

Skill areas developed: 

  • Emotional Regulation
  • Coping Skills
  • Executive Functioning (problem solving, sequencing, task initiation, and more)
  • Cutting
  • Coloring