Sensory Diet Resource Packet


A sensory diet focuses on what a child’s sensory system needs in order to achieve a regulated and “ready to learn” state. This resource packet covers the following topics:

  • What is a sensory diet and what does it include?
  • Important considerations
  • Creating a sensory diet that works
  • A printable list of over 130 sensory diet activities (for all 8 systems!)
  • Research articles involving sensory diets


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Newly Updated!

This sensory tool now includes a template for a sensory log as well as a sensory diet schedule (2 versions). 

This sensory diet packet can serve as a resource for both therapists and caregivers to ensure optimal performance in the home and classroom environments. The 10 page digital resource covers various areas:

This evidence-backed download provides easy to understand explanations of what a sensory diet is, why it is used, and how to implement.

Great for therapists who want to learn more about sensory diets, need resources to give to families or clients about sensory diets, and handouts that can be given to easily “prescribe” a sensory diet. Simply print out the list of activities and highlight the ones you feel are most appropriate to your particular client! 

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