Jungle Writing Prompts


Jungle Writing Prompt Cards

Includes 54 jungle themed writing prompts, including 27 open-ended sentence prompts and 27 jungle themed words.

Perfect for older students writing in sentence and paragraph format AND younger students copying words.

Print and go to write with a jungle theme.

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These jungle themed writing prompts are a fun way to work on handwriting skills. Print off the cards and work on writing words, sentences, letter formation, and all aspects of legible handwriting.

This set of writing prompt cards includes 6 total pages: 27 writing prompts in open-ended sentence format and 27 writing prompts in word format.

Cut out the cards and use them in games, pick-a-writing prompt, or work through the card deck.

Writing prompts allow students to think in creative writing and use the open-ended writing prompts to start their sentence.

Younger students can use the writing prompt word cards to copy words.

Focus on handwriting skills such as:

  • Letter formation
  • Line awareness
  • Spacing between letters and words
  • Letter size
  • Overall legibility
  • Pencil grasp
  • Copying skills
  • Margin and spatial awareness

Add these jungle writing prompts to a jungle theme in the classroom, therapy clinic, or home!