Life Skills Cards and Chore Activities


Life Skills Task Cards, Chores, and executive functioning skills go hand-in-hand. These printable resources support chore completion and other life skills.



These Life Skills Cards and Chore activities help kids achieve essential life skills while targeting executive functioning skills.


  1. Life Skills Cards
  2. The Chore Planner
  3. Household Chores Activity Set
  4. Time Management Task Cards

This set of 10 pages of Life Skills Cards help break down functional skills and measure them. Some goals such as “improve self help skills” are broad, and often overwhelming. These life skills cards help break a large goal into functional tasks, giving learners a visual reminder of the tasks being practiced, and a way to track them. Learners use a punch, or other tool, to mark each time they have practiced the task.  After the card has been practiced ten times, learners can proudly display their cards on a keychain, refrigerator, or other creative ways to show their skills.

You’ll also get our printable Chore Planner to break down household chores.

The Household Chores Activity Set is printable activity pages for multisensory learning with a chores theme.

The Time Management Task Cards are an executive functioning tool to support working memory and task completion.