Near Point Copy Skills Pack


Know a student who copies written work, but is always omitting letters or words?

The Near Point Copy Skills Pack addresses visual memory, visual attention, and visual motor integration skills so users can copy material without missing information. This essential handwriting skill can be a challenge for many and leads to difficulties with copying written material from a distance or with visual shift.

Includes handwriting exercises and data collection forms for copying letters, pre-writing shapes, words, and sentences in both print and cursive formats.

This is a 53 page digital resource.


This printable activity kit includes worksheets and strategies to address near-point copying skills. Near point copying skills is an essential stepping stone in handwriting skills. Copying written material from a close copy such as from a desk surface, from a book, or from written materials at a close point is referred to as near point copying and is the foundation block for other copying tasks. Near point copy skills requires visual saccades, visual attention, and visual memory skills, as well as other visual processing skills. When students can not copy from a near point, copying from a distant point is difficult as well. Near point copying issues can lead to letter omissions, word omissions and missing work in copying from a distant point.

This packet of near point copy exercises includes data collection areas on each page, allowing users to identify needs in copying speed of written work and letter copying issues, as well as handwriting and letter formation needs.

This packet includes copying materials for:

  • Pre-Writing Shapes
  • Printed Letters
  • Cursive Letters
  • Upper case and lower case letters
  • Words
  • Sentences
  • Cursive Words
  • Cursive Sentences
  • Various grades of writing paper sizes
  • Data Collection Sheets

Use this printable packet to work on copying skills and visual processing integration from grades Kindergarten-through High School (and beyond).

Work on letter formation, eye-hand coordination, visual motor integration skills by copying letter forms accurately and within a given space.