Pencil Grasp Data Collection Tool

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This 4 page printable resource can be copied and used over and over again with the whole caseload. Work on pencil grasp goals or use it as a screening tool to determine areas of need related to pencil grasp. This data collection resource defines aspects of functional grasp and breaks down the data into underlying areas.

  • 4 pages of printable data collection sheets
  • Use these data collection trackers to obtain data from any handwriting or pencil grasp goal.


Working on pencil grasp, but not seeing consistent changes? This Pencil Grasp Data Collection Tool is the first of its kind. Use this resource to track the real data related to all aspects of pencil grasp. From in-hand pencil movements to manipulation and dexterity while writing, this tool collects the real numbers, during functional writing tasks. Track and create goals related to data collected from this resource. Or, apply the tracker to current handwriting and pencil goals. Attach the data tracker to photographs of the client’s pencil grasp in action for a comprehensive look at progression. This resource can be used as a pencil grasp screening tool.

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