OT Progress Report Template


Writing occupational therapy progress reports is quick and easy with this editable OT progress report template. Summarize the progress made in a clear, and concise manner. Know what to include in present levels, how to report on current goals and what to include in recommendations.

This is a digital file that opens to an editable document on your Google Drive account.


The Occupational Therapy Progress Report Template is a digital product. You will receive an email after purchase delivering a PDF which opens an editable document on your Google Drive. Work in the document to create daily progress notes. Edit the file as you see fit to meet your documentation needs.

This therapist-created progress note template allows you to quickly summarize progress to use as a write up in quarterly or annual re-assessments.

This editable document opens in your Google Drive account. Create a master copy and then make a copy for each new referral to streamline the screening and evaluation process.

The OT Progress Report Template includes:

  • Background information
  • Present Levels
  • Progress Toward Current Goals
  • Summary
  • Recommendations