Play Dough Board Games-Full Year


Year Round Play Dough Board Games includes 12 no-prep games and also includes 96 play dough cards to print and play to encourage fine motor skill development and hand strengthening throughout the year. If your children are simply in need of a change for fine motor and visual motor skills practice, add these FUN games to your fine motor toolkit to keep children highly engaged while improving their skills at the same time!


ohDThese Play Dough Board Games are printable fine motor and visual motor activities that users will love all year round!

How to Play the Play Dough Board Games:

  1. Have child roll a die or pieces of paper and move their marker that number of spaces.
  2. Have child id the seasonal dough object and then make the object with use of the play dough picture card or simply by just looking at the object on the board space. Once the object is made, the child earns the game board space.
  3. Option: Don’t want to use the game boards? That’s ok, just print and use the play dough picture cards and you’ve got cards that can be used all year long!

Skills addressed by playing with these play dough games:

  • Fine motor strength- Pinch and Grip strength
  • Visual motor skills: visual discrimination, visual figure ground, form constancy, visual closure, visual attention
  • Executive functioning skills: direction-following, task completion, attention, working memory, planning, and organization
  • Eye-Hand Coordination
  • Dexterity
  • Graded precision skills
  • Open thumb web space
  • Finger isolation
  • Arch development
  • Bilateral coordination

Play Dough Board Games includes:

This set includes 12 seasonal Play  games for holidays with one printable board game for each month of the year:

  1. 12 printable play dough board games with seasonal and holiday themes
  2. 8 play dough cards for each board for a total of 96 play dough cards
  3. 2 Make your own play dough recipes to incorporate direction following and executive functioning skills
  • January-Winter play dough board game
  • February-Valentine’s Day play dough board game
  • March- St. Patrick’s Day playdough board game
  • April- Easter play dough board game
  • May- Spring playdoh board game
  • June- Camping play dough board game
  • July- Beach play dough board game
  • August- Summer playdoh board game
  • September- Back to School play dough board game
  • October- Halloween play dough board game
  • November- Thanksgiving play dough board game
  • December- Christmas play dough board game

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