Potty Training Activities Cards


These Potty Training Activities Cards make toilet traing fun and engaging…the perfect activities to do when potty training. 

Play is the one of the cards caregivers hold in order to facilitate this arduous task.  Children learn best through play, rather than having a head to head battle with their caregivers. The only things young children can control are toileting and eating. Once they learn free will, they will execute it whenever they can. You can get them on the toilet, but can not make them void. 

These toilet training cards help teach the precursory skills needed to feel comfortable using the toilet.  They address the anxiety of being in the bathroom, concepts such as wet and dry, critical handwashing skills, familiarizing the sound of the toilet flushing, body awareness, learning to sit and wait, and more.  All of these skills are taught through play. This is much more rewarding to the caregiver and child, than the typical toileting battle.


Why is toileting so hard to teach?

  • There are many skills and elements involved
  • It can be a mental control game
  • There is an important cognitive element
  • Timing and vigilance is critical
  • Pull-ups and diapers make it very convenient not to teach/learn toileting skills
  • It is messy
  • Sensory plays a big role in toileting

What skills are needed for successful toileting?

  • Ability to hold and control bladder/bowel muscles
  • Interoception to understand the feeling of a full bladder/bowel
  • Hand strength and dexterity – flushing the toilet, getting toilet paper, using paper, holding onto the toilet, along with skills needed for clothing management and handwashing
  • Sequencing – will your learner remember all of the steps in order?  There are dozens of steps needed for a complete toileting routine
  • Social/Executive Function – Following directions, task completion, orienting to details, multi-tasking, attending to task, waiting, behavior, compliance, and impulse control
  • Body awareness – not only the sensory component but being able to move the body correctly to complete the task
  • Strength – core strength, shoulder and hand stability, head control, balance, and hand strength are all needed for toileting task
  • Multiple tasks – dressing, toileting, handwashing
  • Sensory – auditory, tactile, visual, proprioception, olfactory, and vestibular elements to toileting tasks

Potty Training Activities Cards

If just ONE of these critical skills are missing, it can cause a domino effect on the entire operation.  Enter the Toilet Training Activity Cards!  These cards break the tasks down into many different elements to address them separately through play.

Teaching toilet training can be one of the most frustrating challenges caregivers face. It is all about control. Children have the upper hand in this one, and are ready to dig their heels in.

By using these Toilet Training Activity Cards, children can work on:

  • Accepting toileting noises
  • Becoming comfortable getting to the bathroom
  • Understanding the concepts of wet and dry
  • Body awareness
  • Hand washing through play
  • Learning to sit and wait
  • Wiping and clothing management
  • Awareness of the toileting equipment
  • Understanding the toilet training process

Toileting is difficult and frustrating for all involved. Teaching concepts through play alleviates some of the stress and anxiety produced during toileting routines. These activities will help address some of the precursory skills needed for toileting, freeing up time to work on timing, consistency, and follow through.