Roll and Write Play Dough Mat Bundle DEAL

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Designed to help kids warm-up their hands before a handwriting activity, AND making handwriting more fun, these seven themed play dough mats to work on letter formation, words, or sentences.

Use play dough to build hand strength and pencil grasp, then practice writing on the modified paper lines to work on handwriting legibility, line use, spacing, and letter placement.

Perfect for fine motor skill development and creative, fun writing prompts.

Let’s make handwriting practice purposeful, creative, and part of play.


What if you could help kids practice letters, sight words, and sentences while building the hand strength that they need?

What if you could “warm-up” little hands for writing so they are ready to write (just like you would stretch your legs before a workout)?

What if you could make practicing letter formation fun AND focus on things like line awareness, spacing, and letter placement?

Now you can!

Help kids focus on handwriting in a fun way.

These Roll and Write Play Dough Mats do just that. Kids can work on handwriting in a fun way with themed play dough mats that provide a hand strengthening activity. Just use play dough to warm up the hands before writing so kids can get the heavy work (proprioception input) that they need to focus and work on using that pencil. Research tells us that heavy work helps us to pay attention because the body gets the input it needs to be more alert. By using play dough with the hands, kids can get powerful heavy work input just before a handwriting activity.

These play dough mats can be slid into a page protector sheet and used over and over again. Kids can write with a dry erase marker on the lines, or print off the page, and use it once. You can print these pages off as many times as you need and practice writing letters, numbers, words, and even sentences.

The pages include bold lined paper so children can focus on letter placement, line awareness, spacing, and legibility.

Work on pencil grasp by strengthening the fingers!

With these play dough mats, kids can use small pieces of play dough to roll little balls with the fingers of one hand. When kids use the tips of their fingers to roll play dough balls, they are building strength and dexterity in the intrinsic muscles of the hands. Strengthening the muscles within the hands helps with pencil grasp and building an open thumb web space and separation of the sides of the hand.

This helps kids with a more controlled pencil grasp that they can use when writing.

Play Dough Writing mats

This play dough mat set includes several themed pages:

Apple Theme Play Dough Writing Mat

Bee Theme Play Dough Writing Mat

Bug Theme Play Dough Writing Mat

Buttons Theme Play Dough Writing Mat

Donuts Theme Play Dough Writing Mat

Play Dough Theme Play Dough Writing Mat

Unicorn Theme Play Dough Writing Mat