Self Regulation Toolkit


The Self Regulation Toolkit includes 40 resources, tools, and interventions for targeting self-regulation, emotional regulation, emotions, and coping strategies. These activities support body awareness, sensory organization, motor planning, and sensory needs associated with self regulation skills.


The Self Regulation Toolkit

This resource bundle includes printable materials to support self-regulation needs:

  • Daily Check-In Self-Regulation Journal Pages
  • Self-Regulation Tracker
  • Self-Regulation Tool List
  • Self-Regulation- Capture Thoughts Strategy
  • Self Regulation Tool- 5-4-3-2-1 Grounding Exercise
  • Self Regulation Tool- Breath Counting
  • Self Regulation Tool- Color Exploration
  • Self Regulation Tool- Deep Breathing
  • Self Regulation Tool- Memory Recall Exercise
  • Self Regulation Tool- Mindful Meditation
  • Self Regulation Tool- Nature Exploration
  • Self Regulation Tool- Tapping
  • Self Regulation Tool- Total Body Scan
  • Self Regulation Tool- Visual Imagery
  • Self-Regulation Workbook for Teens
  • Self Regulation Activities Handouts
  • Self-Regulation Levels Handouts

Heavy Work Self Regulation Tools

Also includes a year of Heavy Work Tools for calming and organizing sensory input throughout the year with themed exercise cards. Use these in creating obstacle courses, sensory paths, sensory challenges, and in therapy games:

  • January Heavy Work Exercises
  • February Heavy Work Exercises
  • March Heavy Work Exercises
  • April Heavy Work Exercises
  • May Heavy Work Exercises
  • June Heavy Work Exercises
  • July Heavy Work Exercises
  • August Heavy Work Exercises
  • September Heavy Work Exercises
  • October Heavy Work Exercises
  • December Heavy Work Exercises

Whole Body Gross Motor Tools

The Self Regulation Toolkit also includes resources for whole-body movement, gross motor skills, and body awareness strategies. These items include:

  • Summer Gross Motor Checklist
  • Yoga Friends Directional Skills

Emotional Regulation Tools

In the Self Regulation Toolkit, you’ll also find resources to support emotional awareness and emotional coping strategies:

  • Emotions Motor Skills Wheel
  • Draw Emotions Tool
  • Emotional Intelligence for Parents Tool
  • Emotional Regulation Toolbox
  • Emotional Regulation Check In
  • Emotional Regulation and Executive Function Handouts
  • Emotional Regulation and Executive Function Checklists
  • Emotions Play Dough Mats
  • Feelings Check-In
  • Write about Feelings

The Self Regulation Toolkit Supports:

  1. Self-regulation
  2. Emotional regulation
  3. Emotion identification
  4. Coping needs
  5. Body awareness
  6. Sensory organization
  7. Motor planning
  8. Gross motor skills
  9. Proprioceptive input
  10. Vestibular input