Snowman Spinners Printed Letters


Tired of working on handwriting that doesn’t carryover? Use these Snowman Spinners (Printed Letters) to make handwriting fun!

Developed based on the motor plan of letters and developmental lines, these worksheets incorporate movement and break down the alphabet based on the lines that make up a letter.

Users can gain success and carry over the handwriting skills for efficient and functional written work.

All with fun and engaging snowman spinners!

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Working on letter formation?

These hands-on fine motor sheets incorporate movement and fine motor skills and letter formation. Each page of this printable packet focuses on one set of letters.

  • Letters are grouped according to formation, so teaching letters in groups leads to carryover of skill and handwriting success.
  • Letters are categorized by the pencil strokes and fine motor movements needed for form each letter. Work developmentally to teach letters for accuracy!
  • Set includes lower case letters and upper case letters, grouped by letter formation pencil strokes.

Learners can use these snowman spinners to work on letter formation in a no-stress format. The printable worksheets include a gamification aspect. Which letter will “win” and get the most spins?!

Print off these pages and use them over and over again to work on grouped letter formation. Start with developmentally easier letters and work your way up to more complex letter forms.

How to Use These Snowman Spinners

Print off a page according to the learner’s level and ability. Start with simple letter lines for new writers and work your way up to more complex letter formations.

Then, use a paperclip to create a spinner. Simply hold a pencil straight up and down on the spinner and spin the paperclip. When it lands on a letter, the writer can form the letter on the top of the page. Continue spinning until all of the blocks are filled. Then, the user can count the number of each letter and write the total number onto the chart at the bottom. What a fun game to work on writing letters!

This packet includes printed letters in uppercase format and lowercase format.

Each page includes a set of letters that use similar pencil lines: Straight lines, diagonal lines, magic c lines, curves, bump lines, etc.

Breaking down letters by developmentally appropriate formation and sequential formation promotes carryover.

  • Work on only the letters that use simpler lines, and then move onto more complex letters
  • Build on letter formations and pencil strokes
  • Celebrate wins! Pick out the “best” letter on the page. Give the letter a star and celebrate handwriting!

Teaching letters in groups ensures success and accuracy of handwriting.

  • Work on letters in groups based on pencil starting points
  • Ensure carryover by focusing on a set number of letters at once and then moving on
  • Have fun with movement-based handwriting for a multisensory strategy to learning groups of letters