Snowman Therapy Activity Kit

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The Snowman Therapy Activity Kit has everything you need for therapy planning this winter!

What if you had done-for-you therapy activities for motor skills?

This print-and-go snowman-themed therapy kit includes no-prep fine motor, gross motor, sensory, visual processing, handwriting, self-regulation, and scissor skill activities to help kids develop essential skills. Includes everything you need for therapy tasks, home therapy sessions, and movement-based learning.

This 76 page therapy packet includes everything you need to guide motor skills with a snowman theme. Includes  activities for core strength, motor planning, hand strength, pinch and grip, dexterity, eye-hand coordination, bilateral coordination, endurance, sensory input, visual motor skills,  and more. 



A winter-themed therapy kit designed to develop motor skills, self-regulation, handwriting, and scissor skills. Over 75 pages of therapy activities to develop fine motor strength, dexterity, core strength, regulation, functional grasp, and endurance.

What you’ll get with this print-and-go fine motor activity kit:

Themed NO-PREP printable pages include tasks to address motor skill areas such as:

  • Self-Regulation
  • Core Strength
  • Visual Motor Skills
  • Sensory Processing Skills
  • Fine Motor Precision and Dexterity
  • Pinch and Grip Strength 
  • Arch Development
  • Finger Isolation
  • Bilateral Coordination
  • Eye-Hand Coordination
  • Crossing Midline
  • Balance & Endurance

Fun and engaging winter themed activities designed to develop motor tasks:

  • Handwriting
  • Scissor Skills
  • Direction Following
  • Pencil Control & Pencil Grasp
  • Coloring
  • Scissor Skills
  • Manipulating Small Objects
  • Coloring, Cutting, Pasting
  • Tool Use: hole punch, stapler, push pins, toothpicks, stapler, string, etc.

Each activity page includes reproducible activities based on snow and winter themes:  snowmen, snowflakes, ice, snowballs, icicles.

Included in this snowman-themed therapy kit:

  • Pinch and Grip Strength Activities- Includes: Push pin activities, coloring and cutting activities, crafts, play dough mats, hole punch activities, bead copying cards. TARGET SKILLS: Precision, pinch and grip hand strength, tripod grasp, arch development, bilateral coordination, open thumb web-space.


  • Dexterity and Precision Activities- Includes fine motor paths, snowball precision path, weaving activities for bilateral coordination skills, bead copying activities, pencil pressure activity pages, hole punch activity cards, connect the dots fine motor task, Disguise the Snowman fine motor activity, snowman fine motor paths, puzzles, fill-the-dots activity
  • Snowman Play Dough Mats- Includes: Play-and-Write pages for multi-sensory writing skills. Use play dough or other sensory material to form letters and snow pictures while targeting hand strength and heavy work input through the hands. TARGET SKILLS: Pinch and grip strength, proprioceptive input, dexterity, arch development, eye-hand coordination, open thumb web-space.


  • Visual Motor Activities- Includes: Pre-writing tasks, complete the missing picture tasks, Compare and Contrast writing pages color and cut memory game. TARGET SKILLS: Visual motor integration, pre-writing skills, spatial relations, visual discrimination, visual attention, visual memory, pencil control, visual closure.


  • Pencil Control Fine Motor Strips- Includes: snow-themed pencil control strip pages and cursive lines pencil control strips with graded precision designed for data collection and accuracy. Use for pencil control and fine motor dexterity, object manipulation. TARGET SKILLS: Pencil control, spatial relations, dexterity, graded precision, eye-hand coordination, separation of the sides of the hand.


  • Snowman-Themed Handwriting Sensory Bin Materials- Includes: A-Z snowball cards and 1-20 number cards for cutting skills and sensory bin play. Laminate the cards and use them in sensory play. Letters and numbers include directional arrows for tracing, writing, and forming letters and numbers within sensory play activities. TARGET SKILLS: Tactile visual perceptual skills, handwriting, letter and number formation, finger isolation, crossing midline, sensory challenges.


  • Scissor Skills Activities- Includes: Simple and complex scissor skill puzzles, Scissor picture puzzles, Cutting cards, simple shapes for beginner scissor skills, complex color and cutting shapes for more advanced scissor skills. Also includes a large color/cut/paste build a snowman craft, snowball cutting task, and weaving cutting craft. TARGET SKILLS: Graded scissor skill accuracy and precision, visual perceptual skills, eye-hand coordination, crossing midline, bilateral coordination.


  • Visual Perception Activities- Includes: Trace the lines snow activity, Visual scanning pencil skills task, coordinate visual scanning and visual attention sheet, pencil control mazes, Visual Closure “Complete the Snowman” activity pages. TARGET SKILLS: Handwriting, visual closure, visual attention, visual scanning, visual memory, visual figure ground, pencil control, line and spatial awareness, legibility.


  • Snowman Crafts- Includes: Snowball weaving craft, Snowflake and snowball paper plate lacing cards, trace/color/cut puzzle crafts, copy beading cards, Disguise the Snowman craft, large Build-a-Snowman craft, Fill the Dot Snowman page TARGET SKILLS: Fine motor precision, eye-hand coordination, open thumb web space, in-hand manipulation, finger isolation.


  • Handwriting Sheets- Includes: Snowman writing prompts and modified paper, A-Z  Snowman words for copying and spelling, compare and contrast writing activities on different styles of modified paper, letter tracing cards, snowman number formation worksheet, and number tracing cards.  TARGET SKILLS: Handwriting, letter formation, line awareness, visual perception, pencil control, visual memory, visual attention, precision, pencil control, functional handwriting.


  • Gross Motor Activities- Includes: Build a snowman “pin the nose on the snowman” activity, movement cards, core strengthening tasks . TARGET SKILLS: Gross motor development, direction following, core strength, stability, motor planning, movement patterns, sequencing in whole-body movements.


  • Self-Regulation Activities- Includes gross motor, whole-body movement cards for heavy work input and vestibular activity input. Designed with a snowman theme for winter brain breaks and self-regulation skills. TARGET SKILLS: Calming sensory input, proprioception, vestibular input, eye-hand coordination, motor planning.