Stretching Games (Printable Stretching Board Games)


These Stretching games are printable stretching activities for kids that make exercise fun. Use these printable board games as stretching warm ups for therapy, movement brain break games, or a fun way to cool down after therapy sessions! Just print and support proprioceptive input, coordination, balance, flexibility, and gross motor skills.


Stretching games are a great way to incorporate movement and add a stretching warm up to therapy or use as a fun and engaging whole body brain break. Print off these stretching board games and build gross motor development through game play.

Stretching Games

Stretching Board Games includes 12 full-color and 12 partial-color no-prep game boards to print and play to work on stretching, flexibility, coordination, and more! If your kiddos simply need a change of pace and are bored with the same old gross motor routine you can add these FUN games to your fitness toolkit. Children will be eagerly engaged while improving their muscle strength and flexibility as well as their overall body coordination!

Each stretching exercise includes images for children to copy, building direction-following skills, visual motor skills, coordination, body awareness, bilateral coordination, crossing midline, postural changes, and more.

Below are the stretch poses that are included:

  • Star stretches
  • Toe touches
  • Side stretches
  • Seated side stretches
  • Calf stretches
  • Hamstring stretches
  • Trunk lift stretches
  • Sit and reach stretches
  • Straddle stretches
  • Quad stretches

How to Use the Stretching Board Games and Cards:

You will need some of these easy-to-find items such as markers or tokens like foam shapes, mini erasers, coins, etc., and then use a coin to flip or pieces of paper cut into squares with numbers written on them to create simple paper dice.

To play the board games:

  1. The child will flip a coin. If it lands on heads, move forward one space. If it lands on tails, move forward two spaces.
  2. Complete the stretching activity shown on the space that you land on.
  3. Use the 10 stretching pictures for the larger visual of each exercise.

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