Alerting and Calming Sensory Strategies- Spring Theme


Print and use these Alerting and Calming Sensory Strategies cards to support nervous system needs to function!

This set includes 24 alerting sensory strategy cards and 24 calming sensory strategy cards.

Use the cards in a sensory diet, or for Spring-themed brain breaks.

This is a DIGITAL FILE. Print off the cards and use them over and over again.

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These alerting and calming sensory strategies help with self-regulation by offering movement based and sensory input to either calm the sensory system or alert the sensory system.

Calming sensory strategy cards-Spring theme

Calming Sensory Strategy Cards (Spring Theme)

Heavy work in the form of proprioceptive sensory input can often be calming because it provides the body, through joint receptors, with information about where our body is in space. Calming sensory strategies may include slow rocking, deep breaths, warm temperatures, chewy foods, or deep joint input through the jaw and other joints of the body.

Calming sensory activities are a very organizing form of sensory input that allows us to focus, attend to a task, participate in functional activities, and go about our day.

For those that are hyper-aroused to sensory input around them, it can be hard to focus or attend on the important things to learn, play, or participate in daily tasks. In these situations, calming sensory input can help.

Alerting sensory strategy cards-Spring theme

Alerting Sensory Strategy Cards (Spring Theme)

Alerting input in the form of fast movements, visually stimulating input, spinning, or swinging can be alerting to the body. Alerting sensory strategies can include cold temperatures, fast music, cool air, a variety of textures, and quick or fast movements. These can be a powerful tool to help one attend to a given situation and organize the body by offering the sensory input it needs to regulate.

Alerting sensory strategies can help us “wake up”, focus, and attend to a situation so we can learn, attend, communicate, and participate in functional tasks.

For those that are hypo-aroused to sensory input around them, it can be hard to start or stay active in a given situation. Alerting sensory activities can wake up the nervous system.

Alerting and Calming Sensory Cards

This set of alerting and calming sensory strategy cards are printable sensory activities that utilize a Spring theme. Each sensory card includes activities, movements, or actions that alert or calm the nervous system, using a Spring theme. You’ll find activities such as:

  • Hop like a bunny
  • Chew crunchy carrots
  • Play hopscotch
  • Wake up the hibernating bear
  • Kick a ball
  • Blow bubbles
  • Sit in the warm sun
  • Smell flowers

In this combined set, you’ll find 24 Calming Sensory Strategies and 24 Alerting Sensory Strategies, all designed around activities to do in and around the season of Spring.

Note that these activities can be done any time of year.


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