The Sensory Lifestyle Handbook DEAL


The Sensory Lifestyle Handbook is your strategy guide for turning sensory diets and sensory activities into a sensory lifestyle.

This book is for therapists, parents, teachers, or anyone who works with kids with sensory needs.

  • If you struggle with creating a sensory diet that WORKS…
  • If you are tired of trying sensory tools that just don’t seem to fit within busy days…
  • If you are overwhelmed and don’t know where to start with understanding sensory processing…

The Sensory Lifestyle Handbook is for you!

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A Resource for those living with, teaching, or working with children with sensory needs For the child with sensory processing needs, everything about life can be distressing! Sensory processing challenges can impact a child’s every interaction and environment. Sensory challenges affect behavior, self-regulation, attention, development, learning, social skills, emotional development, and independence. The child who struggles with sensory processing may be challenged daily with rigorous interactions. For these children, sensory input or sensory-based accommodations can make all the difference.

A Sensory Diet Strategy Guide The Sensory Lifestyle Handbook is a strategy guide for sensory processing needs. With valuable insight to the sensory system and the whole child, the book details how sensory diets can be incorporated into a lifestyle of sensory success. The thoughtful tools in this book provide intervention strategies to support and challenge the sensory systems through meaningful and authentic sensory diet tactics based on the environment, interests, and sensory needs of each individual child.

Tips, Tools, & Tactics for Sensory Success The tips and tools in this book enable motivating and intriguing sensory input so that sensory diet strategies are carried over successfully, through child-led interests and daily life interactions. Readers will find tools for creating sensory diet strategies and tactics for ensuring carryover within a child’s day.

The data collection sheets, screening forms, checklists, and schedulers in this book provide a blueprint for weaving sensory diet strategies into sensory-filled days.

The book contains the following sensory tools:+Sensory-Related Behavior Data Collection forms +Sensory-Based Behavior Screening forms +Sensory Diet Strategy Guide +Sensory Diet Scheduler +Sensory Diet Effectiveness Tool +Daily Sensory Diet Sheet +Special Interest Themed Checklist

The Sensory Lifestyle Handbook is a resource needed by any occupational therapist, teacher, parent, or individual who strives to create a lifestyle of sensory enrichment.