Toothpick Art Pack (School Supplies Theme)


Work on fine motor strength, dexterity, line awareness and more with this Toothpick Art Pack with a School Supplies theme!

  • 42 pages of toothpick art activates in large and small sizes to improve dexterity and hand strength
  • Includes letter formation cards with directional arrows in uppercase letters and lowercase letters. Follow the arrows to press toothpicks or thumbtacks into the words…then trace the bumps with your finger for MORE fine motor tasks!
  • Comes in a school supplies theme: pencils, books, bus, paint, backpacks, paper, crayons, and more!

Perfect for working on the fine motor skills needed for pencil grasp and handwriting, letter formation, and eye-hand coordination skills needed for functional tasks.


This Toothpick Art Pack has a school supply theme to incorporate into back-to-school activities or everyday school tasks as part of a visual schedule or list of tasks and activities during the school day.

Fine Motor Resource

Use this 42 page pack to work on fine motor skills such as:

  • Eye-hand coordination
  • Pencil control
  • Pincer grasp
  • Functional pencil grasp
  • Line awareness
  • Wrist strength and stability
  • Forearm strength and stability
  • Shoulder strength and stability (when working on a vertical surface)
  • Core strength and stability (when working on a vertical surface)
  • Arch development of the hands
  • Separation of the sides of the hand
  • Open thumb web-space
  • Letter formation

Use this fine motor pack in many different ways:

  1. Use toothpicks to poke holes into the large shapes along the lines.
  2. Use thumbtacks or push pins to poke holes into the large shapes along the lines to increase fine motor precision and dexterity.
  3. Work on letter formation by poking toothpicks or thumbtacks into the directional letters on the word cards.
  4. After creating holes on the lined shapes, trace over the holes with a marker or finger to work on line awareness and finger isolation to further eye-hand coordination skills.


Grade this activity to meet a variety of needs and levels:

  • Use different toothpick sizes and types
  • Use different pushpins or thumbtack sizes and types
  • Place the paper onto a carpet, cardboard box, or bulletin board
  • Work on a table top to improve eye-hand coordination on a horizontal working space
  • Tape the paper to a bulletin board to work on a vertical surface
  • Place the paper over a cardboard box to vary resistance levels when pressing toothpicks or pushpins into the lines
  • Use the uppercase directional letters to work on uppercase letter formation
  • Use the lowercase directional letters to work on lowercase letter formation