Woodland Animals Scissor Skills Pack


Tired of drawing endless squiggles and circles on copy paper for your students to cut?  Scratching your head to collect data while picking up 99 scraps of paper from the floor?

Look no further!

Therapists love this newest Scissor Skills Pack; Woodland Forest Animals.

This pack is filled with twenty printable pages to address different levels of cutting skills, and practice existing ones. Students move through skills from cutting on a line, to simple shapes, complex shapes, and creating puzzles.  These easy to print pages will be a great addition to your fall or animal themed lesson plans.


The Woodland Animals Scissor Skills Pack is filled with twenty different printable worksheets to address skills, from cutting lines to complex shapes.  

Cutting skills developmentally start around age two with snipping with scissors.  By age three, neurotypical children have the dexterity and motor control to cut a line, or a piece of paper in half.  Ages four to five dives into more advanced cutting, with cutting simple and complex shapes.  Many children struggle with cutting simply due to lack of exposure.  How many parents or teachers do you know who are willing to give their two year old scissors?

Scissor skills packets like this Woodland Forest Animal Scissors Pack, help develop cutting skills with a progression from easy to more difficult.  It also provides a clear method of data collection, as the shapes are more consistent than hand drawn squiggles on paper.  

Use the Woodland Animals Scissor Skills Pack to track your student’s ability to:

  • Cut on a line, within ¼ inch of lines, in the direction of the line
  • Don scissors independently or with assistance
  • Open and close typical scissors with one hand independently
  • Use their “helper hand” to support the page
  • Position scissors correctly with thumb up and first finger out of scissor loop
  • Cut in the right direction (clockwise for lefties, counterclockwise for righties)
  • Maintain accurate cutting for the entire shape
  • Cut smoothly versus jagged snips

Cutting as a life skill

Scissor skills are more than simply cut and paste activities.  As a life skill, learners will encounter many opportunities to need scissors.  Cutting open plastic packages, opening a box, cutting a piece of string or rope, trimming the dog, or defatting a piece of meat, are just a few of the scissor skills used in everyday life.  This life skill is especially important for learners who do not have the dexterity or muscle skill to use a knife, or tear open items with their hands.

Grab this Woodland Forest Animal Scissor Skills Pack to add to your fall or animal themed lesson plan.  Be sure to check out our other Scissor Skills packs as well as fall themed resources.

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