Star Luminaries

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Party Details!
These cute jars were part of the centerpieces for Baby Girls’ 1st birthday party.  I tried to pull star details into as many parts of the party as I could.  My colors for the party were pink, navy, and silver.  I tried a blue sprayed jar and it didn’t turn out as nice as the silver.  These luminaries look a little like a tin jar when lit!

This could have turned out a little better (it could have been a little easier to pull off the star stickers…) had I used a different type of spray paint.  This paint was metallic silver spray paint and peeled really easily.  So pulling the stickers off once the paint had dried was tricky.
I started with clean, dry glass jars from of different sizes.  A couple were salsa jars, one was a cheese dip jar.  A few were baby food jars.  The big guy was a pickle jar.

Big Sister helped me stick star stickers all over the jars.

Spray the jars…

Peel off the stickers and arrange in a cluster. I scattered silver star confetti all around the jars.
(I tried a couple of jars covered in glitter to change it up a little. It looked pretty nice when they were all lit!)