Our Top 5 Sensory Play Posts of 2012

This is part three of our end-of year review! Here is a run-down of our Top 5 Sensory Play Posts of 2012…

Growing MemoriesThe easiest sensory bin can be found in  your own backyard.   Some of the most memorable moments from my childhood were playing outside in the dirt.  I think getting back to basic play outside is very important in our child’s development. 

Water Beads Sensory Table:  We love water beads!  You will notice several posts with them, all of them being the same beads being used over and over again.  These little buggers allow for may play ideas and hours of fun. 

No Mess Sensory Play:  This fun activity allows for mess-free play.  You can add all kinds of different things inside the baggie for different sensory experiences.  The possibilities are endless.  You can change it around for different seasons, holidays, birthday theme…mix colors, textures, smells.
(This one was so much fun I had to include it too)
DIY Wrapping Paper:  Kids love making their own wrapping paper to cover gifts for friends and family.  It makes them so proud to be part of the present, and grandparents/aunts love receiving gifts wrapped in this special artwork.  Making your own wrapping paper is an easy and fun sensory project.
Light Bright Fun:  What is more fun than playing in the dark with a flashlight?  How about playing in a box with a light bright?!?  This fun sensory activity was a hit with the little kids. 
We are having so much fun reminiscing in all the fun we had in 2012 and excited to see what 2013 will bring!

Our Top 5 Fine Motor Posts of 2012

As part of an end-of year review, we wanted to share a few of our favorite posts in different areas of kids activities (Baby Play, Fine Motor, Sensory Play)

This is a collection of our favorite FINE MOTOR posts since our beginning Sugar Aunts almost four months ago…

Golf Tees and a Hammer:  This one was one of Little Guy’s FAVORITE activities   He still asks all the time to do the “golf tee game”.  In fact, he even picked golf tees for his Daddy’s Christmas gift at his preschool Secret Santa shop.  Not so he can go golfing…”So you can hit them into egg cartons, Dad”!

Magnet Play:  This was a fun one.  My kids ask if they can play with the corn bin constantly.  They love it! This activity was a fun one and really strengthens the small muscles of the hands.  It could be done with any theme…

Christmas Math:  This was part of our 25 Days of Christmas Play and such an easy activity to set up.  Big Sister loved using the pinch pins to do some beginning math.  Using the pinch clothes pins strengthens the intrinsic muscles of the hands and develops their tripod grasp.  This is a good one for those kids that complain of their hands being tired when they are coloring.  Use close pins on any cardboard/index cards/paper and it can go along with any theme or season!

Snowman Play Dough:  This one was really fun.  Play Dough is so great for developing fine motor skills.  Rolling, pinching, molding, poking…it works those small muscles!  You can use play dough in so many ways and with unlimited colors, scents, and going along with different themes.  Little Guy loved using his construction vehicles to play with this dough and we all had a blast making snowmen with this glittery, scented recipe.
Process Vs. Product Art:  This project is so great for developing mine motor skills in kids because the whole activity is based on the process of creating, using materials, managing tools (scissors, squeezing glue, peeling stickers…), and developing fine motor dexterity to grasp small beads/thread/bits of glitter…There are no expectations on the child, only exploration and creativity! 
This was just 5 of our play activities that focused on fine motor development.  We are so excited to come up with lots more in the coming year!