Red, White, and Blue Goopy Dough

This was the coolest sensory play!  It was play dough.  And it was Goop.  Combined!
 We were given a HUGE (uncolored) bag of extra homemade play dough one day after our day at Vacation Bible School.  One of the VBS volunteers made this and I got a little information about it.  It had flour and corn starch in it.  I am on the mission to figure out the recipe for this one, so I can share with you…it was so much fun to play with!
The dough would stick together and mold, but slime apart like goop does.  So neat!
We added the red and blue colors to some of it and had a little

Patriotic Sensory Play!

We took the fine motor play a little further and cut up some patriotic looking straws into little bits.  Perfect for tripod grasp!
We still have SO much of this stuff uncolored and ready for play ideas…Watch for another goopy dough post soon 🙂