Summer Sensory Play

Check out these fun Summer Sensory Play ideas and get a little messy.  Do it now while you can hose off in the yard and before the leaves start falling 🙂

Our Features:
There’s Magic Out There shares a messy chalk activity.  We’ve played with wet chalk a few times, and this one is fun!
There’s Just One Mommy combined water beads and shaving cream. Sensory-tastic!
B-Inspired Mama got busy with kids in the kitchen and made a “mud” pie!  Messy kitchen=yummy fun 🙂
Stir The Wonder used the water table to explore color, texture, temperature.  And it’s all outside!
Happy Hooligans shares 10 backyard balancing activities exploring the kinesthetic sense.
More Summer Sensory activities you may enjoy:

Tracing Letters Handwriting Practice with Chalk

 We have a big ol’ bucket of chalk that we play with almost everyday.  Our sidewalk and driveway have been know to be very colorful at times!  We took the chalk to our sidewalk squares one day this week and practiced a little letter formation.

Letter Formation

Our sidewalk squares were the perfect area to practice forming letters accurately.  I used simple verbal cues to describe the formation of each letter (big line down, little curve around, little line) and we started in the corner of each square as we made the letters.  I made the letter first and Big Sister and Little Guy watched.  Then we went to work making our letters very colorful!

Tracing the letters over and over again was a great way to practice accurate formation.  Big Sister got into this activity.  Little Guy only wanted to make a few letters that are in his name.

Motor Planning in Handwriting

When the child is tracing the letters over and over again, they become more efficient at planning out and executing the movements needed to make a letter accurately.  This activity is great for a new writer because they are given a confined space to practice a letter, and visual cues (and verbal prompts from mom).