Colorful ways to learn and play

After months of wintery gray skies and freezing temps, we are ready to play with some rainbows and sunshine!  It may still be cold and the snow is still out there, but we can play with color to brighten our day! These features from Share It Saturday have colorful ways to learn and play.  Look out colors, here we come!

Try the celery experiment with every color of the rainbow. (P is for Preschooler)
Set up an invitation to create and play with colorful parts, play dough, pieces, and manipulatives.  The learning is non-stop! (Laughing Kids Learn)
Prepare a St. Patrick’s Day Sensory Sink with rainbows galore. (Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails)
Match colors in a color matching water bin. (Sugar Aunts)
Dye pasta in a rainbow of colors for sensory play, crafts, activities, counting, and exploring. (The Connection We Share)
Encourage fine motor skills with rainbow fine motor play. (Sugar Aunts)
Create colorful magnetic art with a bunch of different colored pipe cleaners. (Munchkins and Moms)
Build sculptures with colored ice sculptures outside in the snow, or bring the fun inside for colorful art. (Happy Hooligans)
Build a pom pom catapult and toss all colors across the room. (3 Dinosaurs)

More colorful play ideas:
Make your own colored sand.  It’s simple, I promise!
Paint a rainbow with a recycled egg carton.
Create a few rainbow sensory bins for hours of colorful play.
Use lots of different colored tissue paper to play with tissue paper and work on fine motor skills.
Paint snow.  Indoors or outside!