St. Patrick’s Day Small World for Pretend Play

St. Patrick’s Day fun is all around!    We created a SUPER fun small world and imagination play activity and have been loving all of the rainbows, leprechauns, and pretending.
Maybe the best part of this small world was creating all of the little parts that went into it.  Our  rainbow cardboard tube craft came into play for some good imagination.    Picture overload coming up here… the fun was just too much!


Pretend Play with a St. Patrick’s Day Small World

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Small world pretend play for St. Patrick's Day with leprechaun peg dolls.

Our cute little leprechauns were made with assorted felt sheets, attached with fabric glue.  We used peg dolls and acrylic paints that we received for free from

They turned out very cute and have been part of our play for a few days now.  These cute little guys have made their way into the Little People house, into the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle lair, and even hung out with a few Lego guys!  They’ve been well accepted into our toy collection 😉

This St. Patrick's Day craft for kids is perfect for leprchaun small world play.
The leprechauns needed a place to call their own, so Baby Girl and I painted a few leprechaun houses.  Baby Girl is my little artist and always up for a painting project, so this was big time fun for her!  Baby Girl’s leprechaun house is perfectly rainbow-y!  I think the leprechauns are happy with their new homes.
Small world pretend play with this St. Patrick's Day sensory Bin.


He looks pretty pleased with his new home…

Leprechaun Sensory Small World

Adding in our rainbow cardboard tube and some rocks as a base, we had a pretty cute tray for sensory play.  This was an invitation for imagination, pretend play, and fun!

Small world for St. Patrick's Day

Little Guy got right in there and had the leprechauns visiting each other’s houses, building a rock side walk, and chatting it up!
Use a small world for imagination and pretend play
Baby Girl baaaadly wanted her leprechaun to get into his house.  She tried. Repeatedly.
The leprechauns made a few trips under the rainbow and just had good St. Patrick’s Day fun!
Play with imagination and pretend play with these leprachaun homes

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