Practice Sight Words with Balloons

We’ve got a big collection of sight words.  We started last year when Big Sister was in Kindergarten, and we’re continuing this year in first grade.  The fun thing about our sight word activities is that they can be used and modified for all ages.  When kids practice sight words, they need repetition to memorize the spelling of words that don’t follow rules of the English language.  They are the tricky words that may be difficult to sound out.  SO, making sight word practice fun is essential for kids! 

We did this balloon sight word activity back in the summer months but are just getting around to sharing.  This was such a fun way to practice first grade sight words, that we’ll be doing this one again!
Sight word activity with balloons

Sight word activity with balloons:

I started by writing Big Sister’s sight words on the sticky side of masking tape, using a black marker.  I taped these to balloons that were already blown up.

That’s it!  When Big Sister saw the balloons with tape on them, she was very curious.  It didn’t take her long to figure out that there were words written on the tape.  Using the black marker makes it easy to see and read the words through the balloons.

She held the balloons up to her face to better read the sight words.  This was a fun way to identify the the words.

We played a game where we put all of the balloons on the floor and kicked the words as I called out the sight word.  

Sight word activity ideas using balloons

More ways to extend the play and learning using balloons and sight words:

Pop the balloons as they are read
Blow the balloons across a table.  Call out a sight word and blow that balloon only.  You can use a straw to make it even more difficult.
Balloon static games:  Using static electricity, stick certain sight words the wall.
Balloon scavenger hunts
Balloon races-don’t drop the balloon.

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