Marbled Milk Paper Towel Snowflakes

Have you seen the magic milk experiment?  This Marbled Milk painting is a little like the magic milk experiment, and such a neat activity for the kids (I think I loved it just as much!)  When the weather is cooler and the house is filled with paper snowflakes, a pop of color makes the winter season even brighter! Marbled milk paint is a creative painting activity with a bit of science mixed in.
We’ve done a similar milk and soap science and art project in our published book.  This is such a fun way to explore science and art! A true STEAM activity for kids!

make beautiful napkin snowflakes using a marbled milk dying process.

Snowflakes dyed with Marbled Milk

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We first saw the Magic Milk experiment over at Coffee Cups and Crayons.  Our process ended up being a bit different than theirs, so if you’ve never seen the full effects of the Magic Milk experiment, it’s definitely something you will want to check out.  
We omitted an ingredient in our dying process and skipped the “magic” I suppose…but this Marbled Milk dye is pretty magic in itself, I would say!

We started with a little milk poured onto a bread plate.  You will also need liquid food coloring in a few colors.

Drip the food coloring in different areas of the plate of milk.

Swirl the food coloring around with toothpicks.  It was fun to see the swirling of the food coloring in the milk.
At this point, we pulled out a handful of snowflakes we had snipped from paper towels.  Drape them into the milk and watch the colors creep across the paper towel.
It’s amazing how fast the colors creep across the towel and how they become marbled all on their own.  We were sure to keep the colors from being a brown mess in the milk and when we  swirled  the food coloring, were very gentle.
Drape the wet snowflakes across cooling racks with a dish towel below to catch any drips.  Let them snowflakes completely dry.  They will dry hard and a little crispy on the edges.
These marbled milk snowflakes decorated our window for a while (until a certain three year old pulled them down!) We’ll be making these again for sure.  Let us know if you do, too!
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marbled milk snowflakes.  These brightly colored snowflakes are dyed with marbled milk!