Pattern Activities for Kids Math Play

Patterns are a beginner math exercise that we saw a lot of in preschool and Kindergarten.  Starting with an AB pattern and working up to ABC, ABA, and ABCD, patterns are just the beginning of a math foundation.  We’re always pointing out patterns in our play, and it seems like it helped once Big Sister made her way into the pattern world of Kindergarten.  When I saw a Pattern Activity on Share It Saturday this week, I knew we had to find more for pattern fun.  We’ll be using these pattern ideas with the younger kids.

Pattern activities for Kindergarten, beginner math

Pattern Activities for Kids

You can use so many different items in pattern math with kids!

Work on patterns with balloons (Mommy Crusader), pasta (The Imagination Tree), DIY shapes (Sugar Aunts),  building blocks (No Time for Flash Cards), snow (Sugar Aunts), and pool noodles (Sugar Aunts).

More Fun ideas: Build pattern towers with spaghetti (Mamas Like Me). Create Mondrian Pattern Sticks (Lalymom) or make patterns with gems on the light table (Still Playing School).