Cherry Blossom Fine Motor Patterns

Spring is around the corner and one of my favorite signs of the season are cherry blossoms!  We made this cherry blossom fine motor and pattern activity recently. Practice fine motor skills and pattern math abilities with this easy spring activity, and for more fun Spring activities, be sure to check out the other cherry blossom crafts here on the site.
Cherry Blossom fine motor and pattern activity for Spring. This is a fun activity for Kindergarten and first grade math.
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Cherry Blossom Activity

Start with a sheet of green felt. Cut small leaves from the felt and use a hole punch
to punch holes in each leaf. My oldest (age 7) was able to punch the holes, with effort. The felt material requires a lot of hand strength in order to punch a hole. The hole will not tear away from the felt leaf unless snipped with a pair of scissors.
cherry blossom fine motor activity for Spring.

Spring Fine Motor Activity

Gather a few twigs from the yard and a sheet of pink tissue paper.  Tearing tissue paper is a great fine motor strengthening exercise.  To tear paper, one needs to use the intrinsic muscles of the hand and a tripod grasp.  Both hands are needed (bilateral hand coordination) in order to hold the paper and tear.  Children need strength and endurance in the intrinsic muscles of their hands in order to maintain coloring and handwriting activities without fatigue.  
Encourage your child to wrap the tissue paper pieces around the twigs.  Manipulating the paper requires great fine motor dexterity in this Spring activity.  Thread the felt leaves onto the twig using a tripod grasp. 
cherry blossom pattern spring activity for kids

Spring Math Activity

We used the leaves and tissue paper blossoms to create patterns on the twigs.  Patterns are an important part of kindergarten and first grade math.  Work on AB, ABA, ABBA, and ABAB patterns.

cherry blossom fine motor pattern activity
This was a fun way to bring in Spring in our house!  Looking for more Cherry Blossom activities?  Try making these cherry blossoms fine motor trees: