Healthy Back-to-School Snack Ideas

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With four kids, mornings are a blur.  We’re rushing to get everyone fed, dressed, brushed, polished, and out the door without forgetting anything (or anyone!).  Inevitably there are forgotten homework sheets, a rush to find the baby doll that MUST go with us as we drive to preschool, a dash to find money needed for school, lost shoes, coats put on inside out…There are a lot of points that can derail the morning’s schedule and cause the whole family to be late for each place they are going.  There are a few things that you can do to make the morning less of a blur.  We like to be prepared by talking through our morning schedule and using our back-to-school morning routine story stones.  It helps to plan ahead when kids are involved and back-to-school routines require so many parts.  Preparing the backpack and lunch the night before is key in a large family (or any family that needs to be out the door by a certain time.)  One thing that helps us with the morning rush is packaging up the backpack and all needed items the night before and packing a healthy lunch before going to bed.  Pop the lunch boxes into the fridge for the night and they are grab and go in the morning.

Healthy lunch ideas to avoid the back-to-school morning rush.

Healthy Lunch Ideas that are Grab and Go:

Easy lunch ideas and healthy snacks are a must for this busy mama. If you’re following us on Instagram, you know that I love to serve my kids healthy options that include real fruits and veggies.
The snacks from Bolthouse Farms Kids™  are perfect for overcoming the rush of busy mornings while maintaining healthy foods without preservatives.

Healthy lunch ideas to avoid the back-to-school morning rush.

We received a package from Bolthouse Farms Kids™ in the mail recently, and when we pulled out the goodies, the kids were immediately oohing and aaaahing over this happy mail.

These healthy foods were a huge hit with all four of the kids.  I love that the Bolthouse Farms Kids™ items contain no added preservatives, high-fructose corn syrup, or artificial flavors and my kids love all of the fun flavors.
Bolthouse Farms Kids™ is a refrigerated line of real fruit and vegetable snacks for kids. My kids are huge smoothie fans, so the individual serving “kid-size” bottles are perfect for them.  We packed a few up and took them with us on our 6 hour road trip to the beach.  The 6 oz bottles contain 1 ½ servings of fruit and no dairy and no added preservatives, high-fructose corn syrup, or artificial flavors.  These smoothies are perfect for on-the-go like a road trip with a bunch of excited kids.  The individual serving of “kid-sized” bottles are great for on-the-go occasions.  My kids loved the “Strawberry Meets Banana” flavor and can’t wait to try the ” Peach Meets Mango” smoothie.  At 80-90 calories per bottle, they are full of flavor and easy to pack into lunches.

We decided the smoothies are perfect for car rides like our road trip or for the inevitable “Oops. We-missed-the-bus-and-still-need-breakfast-so-eat-this-in-the-car”.

(It happens.  Often.)

Healthy lunch ideas to avoid the back-to-school morning rush.

I love to pack my kids full of veggies.  I’m lucky in that my kids usually love their vegetables, so when they saw the Veggie Snackers, they were pretty excited.  These convenient individual sized bags are perfectly sized to fit into princess and super hero lunchboxes. The two available varieties, “Carrot Meets Ranch” and “Carrot Meets Chili Lime”, have a super fun individual sized bag that you pull to unleash tremendous flavor with all-natural seasoning and just a pinch of salt.  These were a big hit with my kids. And me!  The package of baby carrots are only 25 calories and a perfect way to shake your way to snack time!

Healthy lunch ideas to avoid the back-to-school morning rush.

Fruit tubes are always a hit with my kids, but typically they are so loaded with sugar that I don’t buy them for my kids. The Fruit tubes from Bolthouse Farms Kids™ have no added sugar or preservatives and are just 30-40 calories.  The real fruit purees are a treat for lunch.  Even my one year old loved these!  We tried the “Mango Meets Banana & Pineapple” version, and can’t wait to try “Strawberry Meets Banana” and “Blueberry Meets Raspberry”.  How good would these be served frozen on a hot summer day?

Healthy lunch ideas to avoid the back-to-school morning rush.

More easy to pack lunch ideas that will make the morning rush a breeze:
bottled water (Grab and go!)
string cheese
homemade trail mix
celery sticks
snap peas
grape tomatoes
orange slices
cucumber slices

The best news is that you can try all of these healthy snacks and treats from Bolthouse Farms Kids™, too!

Find them in the Produce Section at your local Giant Eagle.  AND, join in on the fun of the Bolthouse Farms Kids™ Snack Mob.  The Bolthouse Farms Kids™ Snack Mob trucks are coming to Pittsburgh this fall and helping kids go back to school in a healthy way!

Throughout six weeks in August and early September, the Snack Mob team will be stopping by select Giant Eagle stores and many community events throughout the region – sharing FREE samples of Bolthouse Farms Kids™ products with kids and parents. You can find the full list of events and contest rules here.  You can always find them in the produce department at Giant Eagle.

Some of the events where you can see the Snack Mob truck are:

Sunday evenings throughout August: Citiparks Cinema in the Park Movie Nights (time: dusk)
August 2: Snack Mob kickoff event at Settlers Ridge Market District (10am-2pm)
August 15: “Kindergarten … here I come!” at the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh (9am-10am)
August 30: First Responders Day at Kennywood Park (10:30am)

September 19: Junior Great Race at Point State Park (8am)

Follow along with us as we welcome Bolthouse Farms Kids™ to the neighborhood!

You can also enter to win in the #SnackMob #Contest, and have a Snack Mob truck crash your next party.  Win a visit from the Snack Mob by tweeting @BolthouseFarms for a chance to get the #SnackMob truck to deliver Bolthouse Farms Kids™  products for free at your next party.  Use the hashtags #SnackMob and #Contest in your tweet and include the date and type of event (e.g., soccer tournament, block party, etc.) in your entry.  Contest ends September 10, 2015 at 11:59 pm. You must be 18 years old to enter. Maximum of 100 people per event.

Stop by and visit Bolthouse Farms Kids™  on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Back to School Morning Routine Story Stones

These Back-to-school story stones are sure to help with the ease of getting back into routines of Fall and School.  Whether your child is going to Kindergarten for the first time, or returning to school this Fall (or returning to routines of homeschool!), these story stones will help with getting kids used to the steps needed in morning routines.  What are story stones?  Usually, they are stones with pictures painted on them to use in imaginative play.  We made story stones to depict the morning routine for preparation and ordering of tasks for back-to-school.

Back to school story stones for helping kids with the routines of Fall and school or homeschool mornings.


make Back-to-School routines easier:

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Back to school story stones for helping kids with the routines of Fall and school or homeschool mornings.
The morning rush and kids do not go together well.  Getting kids up, dressed,  brushed, polished, and out of the house without forgetting important items can be more than slightly difficult.   Add in more than one child and a routine that gets old after the first week, and you have kids that need prodding with each step.  Use these story stones to help kids understand, process, and order the steps of a morning routine.
We’ve used rocks in learning and play before, like in word building and sensory play so this was a fun way for us to play and learn about the coming routine’s of Back-to-School.
Back to school story stones for helping kids with the routines of Fall and school or homeschool mornings.

Back to school routines schedule

We started with a bunch of white river rocks
and a permanent marker.  Figure out the important tasks that your child must do each morning.  These can be jobs that they do on their own, or initiate with prompting.  We decided that the important steps of our morning are getting dressed, brushing teeth, eating breakfast, brushing hair, putting on shoes, coat, lunch/backpack, and going to the bus stop.  You can add any other important steps in your morning, like making the bed, feeding pets, packing a lunch, etc.  
Back to school story stones for helping kids with the routines of Fall and school or homeschool mornings.
Use the permanent marker to draw a representation of the tasks onto the river rocks.
Back to school story stones for helping kids with the routines of Fall and school or homeschool mornings.
Using acrylic paints, fill in the outlines of the shapes. You will need a fine point paint brush
for the small painting, or you can snip the bristles of a regular paint brush to stay in the lines.
Let the paint dry.  
Before the start of school, use the back to school story stones with your child to talk about the routines.  You can place the stones in order, move around the order, and talk about each step.  Invite your child to use the story stones in imaginative play by pretending to go through the morning’s routine. 
Back to school story stones for helping kids with the routines of Fall and school or homeschool mornings.
Hopefully this idea will help with the hectic mornings before school and Fall’s routines! 
Kids will love to create this Easy Shapes School Bus craft in preparation for Back-to-School, too.
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