Free Visual Perception Worksheet Monkey Theme

Visual perceptual skills are needed for so many functional tasks!  Writing on lines, copying written work, reading without skipping words, walking in a crowded hallway, organizing materials, pouring water into a cup without spilling, searching for a paperclip in a junk drawer…everything done throughout the day requires the ability to visually process information.  For the child with visual perceptual difficulties, struggles persist in many areas!  
That’s why I wanted to share a series of free visual perception worksheets that can be used to address many visual perceptual skills.  This visual perception free worksheet has a monkey theme.  Find more visual perception worksheets like our free visual perception dinosaur worksheets and this space visual perception puzzle.
Visual perceptual skills are needed for so many functional skills. You’ll find easy and fun ways to work on visual perceptual skills through play here. 


Free Visual Perception Worksheet 

Print this free visual perception worksheet and laminate it or use it in a page protector sheet with a dry erase marker.  You can use the page over and over again.
One tip to try is to use the page right on a tablet screen, like we did with this Wacky Wednesday visual perception activity.
Free visual perception worksheet with a monkey theme is great for addressing visual perception skills like visual figure ground.
How would you use this visual perception worksheet?
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Visual Perception Worksheet Activity

Using a visual perception worksheet like this one and the others on this site addresses skills like the ones listed below.  Click on each to find more creative, hands-on ways to address each skill.  The activities are perfect additions to add to your OT Toolbox and can accompany the free worksheets we have here on the site:
Visual perception free printable sheet for addressing skills like visual -figure ground, visual discrimination, visual memory and other perceptual skills.
Here is more information about strategies to address visual perceptual skills and handwriting.

Visual Discrimination 

Spatial Reasoning 

Visual Motor Skills

Visual Memory Visual-Figure Ground (scroll down on the page)