Community Helpers Slide Deck

Community helper activity with a themed slide deck for occupational therapy virtual therapy sessions.

Today, I’ve got another virtual OT slide deck coming your way, featuring community helpers! These interactive activities are perfect for occupational teletherapy teletherapy or virtual lesson plans. This community helpers theme includes fine and gross motor based activities, handwriting prompts, a visual perception activity, mindfulness activities, a self-regulation check-in, and an eye-hand coordination activity.

This is a fun addition to our weekly therapy themes for themed occupational therapy sessions.

Activity to teach kids about community helpers in a themed interactive slide deck for occupational therapy.

Community Helpers

Community worker themes are popular in lesson plans in schools and homeschooling. Occupational therapists can compliment educational studies with this community helper lesson plan that offers movement and functional tasks that go along with the theme.

Community helpers might include:

  • Firefighters
  • Police officers
  • Postal workers
  • Transportation employees
  • Trash collectors
  • Nurses
  • Doctors
  • Teachers
  • Occupational therapists!
  • Physical therapists
  • Speech therapists
  • Construction workers
  • Any worker in the community!

Use this list and the community helper writing prompts in the slide deck to come up with the neighborhood helpers kids strive to be when they grow up!

Community Helpers Slide Deck

If you’ve been following The OT Toolbox, then you may have seen a few of our other interactive slide decks. Therapists are LOVING these therapy slide decks for their themed activities that help kids build skills, while in virtual or hybrid environments.

Community helpers activity for occupational therapy.

You can grab the other free slide decks here on our teletherapy and free resources page.

Today’s slide deck includes several community helpers activities:

This community helper activity fosters mindfulness and deep breathing for a coping strategy.

Community Helpers Warm-Up Activity- Use the firefighter’s firehoses to work on deep breathing as a mindfulness and coping tool to warm-up for this activity. Kids can move the interactive portion of the slide along the firehose to work on eye-hand coordination and visual tracking, too.

Community helpers writing prompts for working on handwriting.

Community Helpers Writing Prompts– Use the community workers writing prompts for creative writing and handwriting practice. Kids can use the self-check writing list to check their written work for accuracy with letter formation, line use, spacing, and size.

Community helper theme slide deck with a fine motor activity using sign language.

Community Helpers Sign Language– This fine motor workout is pretty fun! Click through the links to learn sign language for some community workers. This activity works on fine motor skills, bilateral coordination, finger isolation, motor planning, and eye-hand coordination.

A fun visual perception activity with a community helper theme.

Community Helpers Visual Perception Activity– Count the different helpers on the community workers puzzle page and type the number in the text box. This activity works on visual perceptual skills such as form constancy, visual discrimination, and figure ground, visual scanning.

Gross motor activity for the community helper theme slide deck.

Community Helpers Gross Motor Activity– Use the deep breathing and movement prompts to integrate mindfulness with gross motor as kids gain a big breath in with extended lung and rib cage/shoulder girdle expansion. Then, reach far down to push out that deep breath. This slide uses a community worker theme with common trucks found in the community.

Self regulation activity for the community helper theme slide decks.

Community Helper Activity for Self-Regulation– The final slide in this activity deck is a self-regulation check-in that can be used to close the session. Check in on how your child’s body feels and acts, as well as their emotions. This is a good time to work on some coping tools or strategies that can carry out of the session, too.

Does this looks like a fun way to spend a therapy session while working on skills?

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