Snowman Theme Bilateral Coordination

Snowman Bilateral Coordination Slide Deck

I have something super cute to share with you today. This snowman theme bilateral coordination activity might be one of my favorites of recent resources. If working on bilateral coordination, crossing midline, and motor planning is something you’ve been working on with kids, then this free therapy slide deck is for you. It’s meant as a fun, play-based direction-following therapy slide deck. Use it as a warm-up to occupational therapy interventions, or a brain break, with a snowman theme!

You can use this snowman gross motor activity alongside this snowman deep breathing activity for winter therapy fun!

Snowman Bilateral Coordination Slide Deck

Snowman theme bilateral coordination activity

This therapy slide deck is designed so therapy practitioners need no other materials or items to run a virtual session. The free slide deck can be uploaded to Google slides and then used within a virtual session or distance learning classroom.

There are so many benefits to working on bilateral coordination skills, and motor planning with a fun theme like this snowman activity.

Read here about crossing midline activities and the benefits of this essential skill in handwriting, learning, and functional tasks. This skill integrates with bilateral coordination, or a coordinated use of both sides of the body so that functional use of both hemispheres in everyday tasks are possible.

Be sure to read more on this link about bilateral coordination, because you’ll see that there are three components of bilateral coordination:
Symmetrical movements
Alternating movements
Dominant hand/supporting hand movements

Each of these areas play a role in functional tasks like play, self-care, learning, school-day tasks, and things each of us do all day long.

Motor planning is another important motor skill that impacts everyday functional tasks. Here is more information about motor planning.

There is a connection between creating a plan for movement, following a visual representation of a body positioning, and then sequencing movements using both sides of the body.

This snowman gross motor activity does just that!

You can scroll back and forth between the slides to really challenge kids with these motor plans. It’s like a “Simon Says” game with snowmen.

Work on all of these areas:

  • Bilateral coordination
  • Motor planning
  • Crossing midline
  • Core strength
  • Stability
  • Balance and equilibrium skills
  • Range of motion
  • Flexibility
  • Movement patterns
  • Posture and postural control
  • Muscle tone
Snowman bilateral coordination activities for virtual therapy

Free Snowman Gross Motor Therapy Slide Deck

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Use this polar bear theme therapy slide deck in virtual therapy sessions or as a brain break.

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FREE Bilateral Coordination Slide Deck- Snowman theme!

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