A-Z Dot Start Writing and Drawing Prompts


These printable writing and drawing prompts include A-Z pages with dot starting points for each letter.

Work on letter formation, letter size, and letter spacing with meaningful writing prompts.

Kids can work on functional handwriting tasks with a-z practice pages that they want to complete.

This is a printable, 28 page digital file.


Work on letter formation with drawing and interest-based handwriting.

Users can print off the pages they need to work on. Work on similar letters at one time, to address common starting points (letters c, a , g, d or straight line letters: l, t, i, etc.)

Each writing page starts with a drawing prompt. Learners can draw a picture of their choosing, to work on pencil control and interest-based writing. The page asks users to include labels for their picture for functional handwriting, based on their own interests, leading to motivating written work topics.

Then, users can write the letter that is included in that drawing prompt. Each letter page includes box writing to work on letter sizing and spacing.

There are starting dots for each letter so users know where to place their pencil to start the letter formation. Then, the visual cues fades to remove the boxes and includes just the starting point.

Finally, there are writing lines for the user to write a sentence about their picture. They can continue to practice the letter formation on the writing lines given less and less visual cues or they can work on sentence formation.

This set of writing pages includes A-Z pages, with one letter per page.

Users work on a variety skills with these motivating and meaningful writing prompts:

  • Letter formation
  • Letter starting point
  • Letter size
  • Spacing between letters and words
  • Functional Handwriting skills
  • Pencil Control and Drawing