A-Z Uppercase Lowercase Dry Erase Unicorn Strips


These Dry Erase Unicorn Strips are motivating, and a fun way to teach letter formation. Laminate and cut these alphabet letters into strips to create task boxes with dry erase markers, or wipe off crayons. Punch a hole in the strips to slip onto a key ring and make an entire writing set.  Make full pages of Unicorn Strips, and put in a binder to house this writing plan.

How cute are the unicorns on these Dry Erase Strips?  Unicorns are all the rage among learners young and old.  Providing numerous ways for learners to engage with written expression helps them understand and remember it more effectively.  


These wipe off sheets are provided in color and black and white options. Educators can color these in different patterns to appeal to each set of learners.  Teachers/therapists can involve students in coloring these sheets before they are laminated, to put their own individual stamp on these reusable sheets. 

If your learner is refusing to write, or not succeeding, break the task down into its components to determine where the breakdown is occurring.  Look at hand strength, grasping, sensory motor skills, perception, etc individually to determine what problems your learner is having.  You can then target these skills individually as well as in a larger lesson in order to strengthen specific skills.

Writing is a chore because there is so much that can go wrong.  Pencil grip, strength, bilateral hand coordination, visual motor skills, perception, motor planning, proprioception, vision, and more are needed for effective written communication.  If even one of these parts are missing, it can cause a domino effect on learning to read and write.

People do not like to fail.  Some people will try over and over again to succeed, while others give up after the first try if they do not get it right.  Finding ways to keep learners engaged while they are struggling is challenging.  The beauty of these dry erase sheets is that they are not permanent.  Your learner can quickly wipe away their mistake.  If your learner does an exceptional job, take a quick photo to store their work.

Best of all, unicorns are gender neutral.  In fact, in Celtic mythology and folklore, unicorns are synonymous with purity, nobility, masculinity, power, courage and an unrivaled sense of strength. They also possess immense healing powers.  Unicorns are the mascot of Scotland, an apex predator in line with the lion and elephant.

Print off these unicorn writing strips and slide them into a page protector sheet or laminate them. Then use the writing strips to practice letter formation with a fun and motivating theme: unicorns!

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