Alphabet Movement Cards


Alphabet Movement Cards combine love of letters, along with aerobic activity to work on muscle strength, tone, focus, attention, or add a much needed sensory break between tabletop tasks.  The alphabet movement card set comes with 26 prefilled cards, 26 cards with a single letter for creating your own movements, and pages of blank cards for endless creative exercise fun.


A-Z Exercises or fill in your own!  Get your students moving!  Heavy work is the foundation of learning.  It awakens and organizes all of the senses.  Start your day with these Alphabet Movement Cards to get students ready to learn!


Not all movement is the same.  Some exercises are alerting, others are calming, some build strength, while others stretch and tone muscles.  All exercise is great for the body, and we can all agree that we don’t get enough of it!

Start the day right with exercise before the day begins.  Take a mid morning break to build in a little exercise break. Wind down after a busy day with some stretches and body movement.  Choose one time or all three to add exercises like the Alphabet Movement Cards

Alphabet Exercise Brain Breaks

Animal walks are a classic therapy tool to get kids moving.  They can relate to animals, mimicking their movements while having fun.  The preprinted cards contain activities like:

  • Arm Rolls
  • Butterfly Legs
  • Crab Walk
  • Duck Walk
  • Elephant Trunk Swing
  • Frog Hops
  • Giant Leaps
  • High Knees
  • Incline Climb
  • Jumping Jacks
  • Knee Kicks
  • And all the way to Z

Students can think of plenty of other movements and exercises that start with different letters of the alphabet.  Use the preprinted letter cards to add their ideas to the cards.  Adding their own ideas can be exciting and motivating to students.

Better yet, use the blank cards to create an entirely new exercise routine!

Make these part of a home exercise program by copying a few cards each week

What about having students illustrate what these moves look like, or take turns describing the exercises to each other?  Using words like over, under, in front of, to the side, etc can be tricky for students working on developing language.

Ask your students for some ideas on how they would like to use the cards


Pages can be laminated or put into page protectors for reusability.  They can be printed on heavy card stock to make them easier to manipulate.  There are black and white, along with colored versions of many of the pages. Enlarge the pictures and post on the wall for a group to see.  Cut the cards and put on a key ring for a travel exercise set. Grab your toolbox of writing tools, scissors, glue, and fine motor manipulatives to decorate these great Alphabet Exercise Cards.

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