Back-to-School Memory Game and Writing Prompts


This Back-to-School Memory Game and Writing Prompts packet is a printable game with 60 different matching back-to-school images, for a total of 120 playing cards, 12 list writing prompts in four different formatted lined paper.

The Memory Card Set includes images of school supplies, children’s faces, and common items found in the classroom. The list writing sheets in double rule, single rule lines, highlighted bottom lines, and no-line blocks. Each list writing prompt includes a checklist for handwriting legibility for self-assessment, and a drawing space to address visual motor skills.



This Back-to-School Memory Game and Writing Prompts packet is a printable game with 120 playing cards, and 12 sheets of writing prompt pages that focus on short list writing to help kids work on handwriting skills in short lists.

Use the memory cards in addressing attention, focus, working memory, handwriting, spatial relations, visual motor skills, coloring, writing prompts, sensory play, and fine motor work, too: Kids can color and cut the memory cards, copying the colors from one sheet to the other to really build visual memory and visual scanning skills. Use the memory cards to work on pinch and grasp development by turning over the cards on carious surfaces: carpet, smooth tables, or cardboard.

This printable Back-to-School Memory Game and List Writing Prompts is a sure win when it comes to starting the school year off right. Just print, cut, and play!

Use the printable game cards to work on visual perceptual skills and fine motor skills including:

  • Visual tracking
  • Visual memory
  • Visual attention
  • Visual scanning
  • Visual discrimination
  • Form constancy
  • Visual figure-ground
  • Fine motor pincer grasp
  • Eye-hand coordination
  • Motor planning
  • Pencil control and coloring skills
  • Hand strength
  • Scissor skills
  • Working memory
  • Executive  functioning skills
  • Impulse control
  • Scissor skills
  • Coloring

The Back-to-School Memory Cards can be used to work on handwriting in short list format, and includes a self-assessment piece with checklists and a drawing prompt.

This set includes a page of activities to extend the activities.

Color, cut, and play! Memory games are a powerful visual motor activity to work on the visual perceptual skills needed for reading and writing.

These skills are lacking when it comes to more and more screen use in kids and we see the results in poor handwriting, poor visual attention in reading, and poor visual memory skills.

Start off the school year with a game that assesses skills!

Add this Back-to-School Memory Game and Writing Prompt activity to your back-to-school therapy sessions and quickly assess current skills after the summer break. By asking kids to write in a short list, you can get a grasp on current skill levels of letter formation, line use, spacing, sizing, margin use. Use the cards to assess scissor skills, coloring, motor skills, and underlying areas like bilateral coordination, grasp, and precision.



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