Clothespin Activities Cards


These Clothespin Activities Cards are designed to build stronger, more efficient hands.

Grabbed a pack of clothespins from the dollar store and use these cards for 20 different fine motor strengthening activities.

These Clothespin Activities Cards contain almost twenty different activities to use with these timeless tools. How many of your students know the actual use for clothespins?  Not many.  They have become chip clips, finger strengtheners, craft items to make wonderful magnets, and hangers for displaying art work.


Use the Clothespin Activities Cards to strengthen intrinsic muscles of the hands, isolate fingers in coordination tasks, and promote open thumb webspace with motoric separation of the sides of the hand. Clothespins are an excellent, versatile, and cost effective tool.  Whether you never use them for the actual chore of hanging clothes on a washline, they are a must in every therapy toolbox.

Clothespin Activities

This printable activity pack includes cards that you can cut out and use over and over again in hand strengthening activities.

Here is a sneak peek of a few activities included in this card pack:

  • Hang a string overhead and clip clothespins to them.  Better yet, hang wet artwork up to dry
  • Write letters on each clip and have learners clip in alphabetical order.  Use these lettered clips to memorize spelling words, or learn their name
  • Glue pom poms on it to make a caterpillar, or add a coffee filter to turn it into a butterfly.  Add a magnet and have an instant collectable
  • Use as a strengthening tool to pick up and transfer small objects such as erasers, pom poms, or cotton balls
  • Practice hanging laundry on a line overhead to build strength and bilateral coordination

These Clothespin Activities Cards do not stop at the eighteen examples provided.  Use the cards provided to build additional tools and games. Make task boxes for learners to complete in center time. Open up a conversation about ways to use clothespins.  Think of craft, strengthening, as well as practical uses for these amazing little items.

Clothespins come in many different varieties. There are the traditional wooden variety, tiny ones, plastic options, clothespins with different resistances, and pinch clips similar to clothespins.  

Extend these activities to use with other tools.  Some of these fine motor tasks can be used with tongs, toaster tongs, strawberry pluckers, grabbers, and tweezers.

Make sure your Toolbox always contains clothespins as a staple item.  Build intrinsic hand muscles, bilateral coordination, and life skills with these iconic tools.