Finger and Hand Strength Games


Finger and Hand Strength Games are fun ways to build fine motor strength!

Hand and Finger Exercise Game Boards includes 10 no-prep game boards to print and play to practice finger isolation, left and right hand discrimination, overall fine motor coordination and dexterity. If you want to jazz up your warm-up routine, grab these fun game boards and add them to your fine motor toolkit! Kids will be highly engaged while improving their hand skills at the same time!

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These printable finger and hand strength games support finger strength and hand strength for fine motor tasks.

Finger and Hand Strength Games

This printable set of hand strengthening muscle exercises are creative games that includes:

  1. Printable page with hand exercises targeting dexterity, coordination, and motor planning of fingers, thumb, and hand
  2. Themed gameboards:
  • Camping game board
  • Circus game board
  • Space game board
  • Cloud/Weather game board
  • Superhero game board
  • Fire Rescue game board
  • Night/Star game board
  • Outdoors/Tree game board
  • Ice cream game board
  • Pirate Parrot game board

How to Use the Stretching Board Games and Cards:

You will need some of these easy-to-find items such as markers or tokens like foam shapes, mini erasers, coins, etc., and then use a coin to flip or pieces of paper cut into squares with numbers written on them to create simple paper dice.

To play the board games:

  1. The child will flip a coin. If it lands on heads, move forward one space. If it lands on tails, move forward two spaces.
  2. Complete the hand and finger exercise shown on the space that you land on.
  3. Option: Have child roll die a second time to determine how many times to complete the exercises.

These finger and hand strength games target specific skills:

  • Finger isolation
  • Thumb opposition
  • Separation of the sides of the hand
  • Motor planning
  • Arch development
  • Wrist extension
  • Thumb IP joint mobility
They are a great tool to use in individual and group OT sessions, in centers in the regular or special education classroom, as a warm-up prior to handwriting work, and in the home school setting. Simply, print and have FUN!