Fix the Mistakes-Fun Themes Bundle


In this elementary-level activity, students practice handwriting while focusing on legibility.
Students evaluate handwriting samples that do not adhere to handwriting rules (line
placement, size, spacing & letter casing). Students then rewrite the sample to fix the mistakes.


This bundle of fun themes are printable PDF activity packets is designed to provide handwriting rules that kids can carryover through practice fixing mistakes.
Working on writing samples that do NOT follow handwriting rules AND writing samples that DO follow handwriting rules allow students at varying levels of handwriting skills to build and carryover handwriting skills. This bundle has fun themes perfecto for students in grades 1 – 4 (or those working at that level).

What does this “Fix the Mistakes” handwriting bundle include?

  1. Handwriting rules checklist
  2. 12 total activity pages
    o 4 worksheets with triple (3) line paper
    o 4 worksheets with double (2) line paper
    o 4 worksheets with single (1) line paper
  3. Answer key (legible writing sample)

Each worksheet set is divided into FOUR levels:

  • Fix the words
  • Fix the sentences level 1
  • Fix the sentences level 2
  • Fix the sentences level 3

Each packet has 22 printable pages. There is a color version and a printer friendly version of each theme.

*This printable packet comes in COLOR and printer-friendly, black line versions

The THEMES BUNDLE includes the following activity packets:
1. Sports
2. Superhero
3. Princess
4. Unicorn
5. Outer Space
6. Back to School


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