June Heavy Work Exercises


Get ready for some exciting summer regulation activities with this brand new set of 24 June Heavy Work Exercise Cards, specially designed for Summer fun!

These adorable movement and heavy work activity cards will not only bring joy to students but also help them unleash their full learning potential, while caregivers can effortlessly provide easy and enjoyable activities. Perfect for Summer brain breaks, movement activities, play, and more!

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Start off Summer break with a sensory motor toolbox using these June Heavy Work Exercises, brain breaks, and Summer-themed therapy resources! These Summer (June) heavy work activities are great for brain breaks, summer workouts, and play.

Are you struggling to come up with fresh ideas when it comes to brain breaks or heavy work? Look no further! Introducing the June themed heavy work cards, designed to provide a diverse range of proprioceptive input through enjoyable summer activities, imaginative play ideas inspired by the season, and themed yoga movements. These convenient print-and-go activities are a fantastic addition to your Toolbox, making it easier than ever to incorporate a wide variety of engaging options for brain breaks or heavy work.

June Heavy Work, Brain Breaks, and Yoga

Utilize the summer-themed activities and exercises to engage and challenge the Proprioceptive and Vestibular sensory systems, incorporating visual and motor planning tasks. Encourage students to pretend to be a playful crab and test their balance and coordination by gaining heavy work input. Act out various movement activities to enhance bilateral coordination and motor planning skills. These summer brain break activity cards are versatile and can be utilized in therapy sessions, home programming, school settings, or anywhere else!

Experience the convenience of printable Summer movement activities, ready to be printed and enjoyed at your convenience. Let the summer fun begin!

This deck of 24 cards includes:

  • Brain Breaks – walk like a crab, hop like a grasshopper, and other Summer themed animal walks and activities
  • Exercise -Summer exercise in the form of play, yoga movements, and outdoor activities (designed for indoors or outdoors)
  • Games – acting out summer games and activities such as kickball, hopscotch, and squatting with a Summer theme
  • Activities – Real activity prompts like counting the stars or rolling in Summer grass, or pretend prompts 

Each card shows heavy work ideas to add proprioceptive and vestibular input as a calming strategy.

Ways to use these cards:

  • Laminate the cards to make them more durable
  • Punch a hole in the cards and add to a keyring
  • Try and pick at least one activity per day during the month as a challenge
  • Use the cards as an idea base to do more activities
  • Let learners pick the activity of the day
  • Have one student teach another how to do the activity
  • Play a game to pick a random card, and everyone has to try that card
  • Involve siblings, other family members, and friends

In addition to heavy work and proprioceptive input, these activity cards provide:

  • Social function – taking turns, working together, task completion, compliance, frustration tolerance, following directions
  • Executive function – organization, focus, attention to detail
  • Fine motor skills – grip strength, motor coordination, precision
  • Coordination – gross motor skills, bilateral coordination, balance, body awareness, strength
  • Sensory input – tactile, visual, auditory, vestibular, olfactory (smell)

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