Letter Reversal Fun Themes Bundle


Working on letter reversals in handwriting? This multisensory letter reversal activity packet targets visual perceptual skills needed for commonly reversed letters. Includes fun themes: Unicorns, Sports, Superheroes, Princess, Outer Space, and Back-to-School.

This is a collection of digital files.


These no-prep elementary-level activity packets can be virtual or print. They are designed to engage students while practicing identifying and differentiating commonly reversed letters (b/d, p/q, m/w, s/z). Visual perceptual skills are addressed in the various letter reversal activities.

The Letter Reversal Fun Theme bundle includes the following activity packets:

Fun Themes Letter Reversal Packets (printer-friendly and full color)

  1. Outer Space
  2. Superhero
  3. Princess
  4. Unicorns
  5. Back to School
  6. Sports

What does this letter reversal resource include?

Each theme includes EIGHTEEN (18) total activity pages (printer-friendly and full color: 36 total pages of each theme).

There are 216 total pages in this Fun Themes Bundle.

  • 1 uppercase/lowercase letter matching
  • 4 letter mazes
  • 1 letter scanning warmup (easy)
  • 4 scattered scanning worksheets (easy)
  • 4 organized scanning worksheets (medium)
  • 4 organized scanning worksheets (difficult)

You will get both a COLOR and B&W version of each theme!

This is a collection of digital files.