My Self-Reflection Journal


This 6 page printable journal includes journal pages for self-reflection on daily activities, and weekly activities. Geared for kids who can write, draw, or verbally describe their actions, this printable journal can be printed and laminated or copied over and over again.

Perfect for children who are challenged by:

  • Sensory processing needs
  • Self-regulation difficulties
  • Impulsivity
  • Attention challenges
  • & more!

This 6-page journal is a guide for creating action plans for sensory needs, self-regulation, and emotional control. Kids can reflect on daily and weekly actions and come up with plans and tools to become a more self-regulated and independent individual. Use the reflection sheets to identify positive interactions and interactions that could work out better next time. Print off these pages and use them again and again.

NEW! Your purchase now includes:

  • Daily Reflections Sheet
  • Mindset Reflection Tools


This is a digital product. Print off the pages and use them over and over again.

Includes a  6 page printable journal designed to help kids self-reflect on daily and weekly actions, behaviors, and tools for better self-regulation. My Self-Reflection Journal is a great tool for managing sensory needs.


  • Daily Reflections Sheet
  • Mindset Reflection Tools

This journal is appropriate for children to use as a self-reflection on daily and weekly behaviors and actions. The journal allows individuals to develop appropriate tools for actions and emotions along with an adult or individually. These printable journal pages can be used by children who draw out their behaviors and tools or those who can write and describe behavior responses and actions. It can also be used alongside an adult who transcribes a child’s reflection on their actions and goals.

The My Self-Reflection Journal includes:

  • Reflecting on my week pages
  • Reflecting on my day pages
  • Tools for my actions
  • Tools for my emotions
  • Spaces for describing big and small events in a child’s day
  • Areas for describing good choices
  • Areas for detailing tools to try next time
  • Spaces for detailing action plans and emotional plans
  • The My Self-Reflection Journal is a great conversation tool to use when talking about what works and what doesn’t work for a child with a variety of needs.

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