Scissor Skills Printable Pack


Know a child who has difficulty holding and turning the paper during cutting?

Common scissor skill challenges include trouble regulating speed, difficulty grasping scissors properly, and figuring out how to encourage carryover and practice at home and in the classroom.

Use this printable scissor skill pack with creative cutting activities ranging from basic to more challenging – so regardless of the child’s ability, you’ll have something in your toolkit that will meet their needs!

35 printable pages of handwriting strategies including: cutting practice sheets, positioning posters, and a scissor skills rubric.



Print the pages off and use them over and over again.

  1. 17 pages of Cut and Paste Puzzles
  2. 10 pages of Cutting Strips
  3. 10 pages of a Scissor Skills Puppet Craft Template
  4. Proper Scissor Skills Positioning Chart
  5. Scissor Skills Rubric for determining baseline and monitoring progress
  6. Fun cutting activities for every skill level

Created by pediatric OTs and PTs

As pediatric therapists, we have seen kids struggle with scissor skills without making significant progress. We have heard teachers complain that kids cut way too quickly, snipping their cut and paste worksheets to smithereens. We’ve talked with parents who are frustrated because their kids can’t seem to keep their scissors on the line to cut accurately.

There are  things we can do to help unlock a child’s potential with their ability to cut with scissors: addressing underlying skill areas, adapting cutting activities to meet their needs, and keeping their interest with fun and interesting cutting activities! These activities are guided by development and a drive to foster functional skills in daily tasks.

This printable pack drives success.