Snowman Visual Perception Worksheets Set


Running out of visual perception activities during the long winter months?  The Snowman Visual Perception Skills Pack has you covered!  This digital worksheet packet includes ten different worksheets to target visual perception and visual motor skills.

Who doesn’t love snowmen?  These great designs are eye catching, engaging, and fun for even the most reluctant learner.  The Snowman Visual Perception Skills Pack contains several great worksheets that can be easily downloaded and printed for immediate use.


Therapists have to be careful when presenting worksheets that are gender neutral (are appropriate for all genders), free of religious or political affiliation, do not represent any holidays, and are not biased.  The Snowman Visual Perception Skills Pack meets these criteria.  The ten activities include:


  1. Snowman Match 1 – look at the snowman, each one has one match.  Color them the same, or use pompoms/beads/chips to mark the matches
  2. Snowman Following Directions – students can read, or listen to the directions, then follow them.  Learners are asked to look for different snowmen, color or circle them
  3. Snowman Directions 1 – color the snowmen to match the key according to the direction they are facing.  A great tool to work on directionality
  4. Snowman Directions 2- a second page for matching snowmen and following a pattern
  5. Snowmen Tracking – pick one of the images, start on the upper left hand corner scanning for the targeted item, while moving through the rows.  Students can mark an X, color the items, or place an object on each item
  6. Snowman Match 1 – find and color all of the matching snowmen the same color.  Scan across the page or up and down to find the hidden pictures.  Color them in, practicing staying inside the lines, mark them with an X, or use small objects like beads/pompoms/coins/buttons to mark them
  7. Snowman Sort – look at the mixed up pictures. Find the hidden snowmen in the pictures and mark or color them
  8. Snowman Match 2- look at the snowmen on the left.  Find the matching snowman on the right. Draw a line to connect the matches, or color each one in the same colors. As always you can use small manipulatives to mark them
  9. Snowman Match 3 – Color the key or use small objects to differentiate them. Students scan the page following the lines to find the matches and color them the same.
  10. Snowman Match 4 – Color the key or use small objects to differentiate them. Students scan the page following the lines to find the matches and color them the same.


Occupational Therapy Visual Perception Worksheets

The Snowman Visual Perception worksheet packet targets specific skills.

Each page has a specific set of skills that are addressed, however the following is a general list of target skills:

  • Visual scanning
  • Visual discrimination
  • Eye hand coordination
  • Visual memory
  • Fine motor skills
  • Visual motor skills
  • Directionality
  • Figure ground
  • Form constancy
  • Visual closure
  • Following directions

More ways to use the snowman visual perception worksheets set.

Expand the Activity to target different skills and use the one resource with a whole caseload of occupational therapy clients.

  • Laminate the page or use a page protector to make it reusable
  • Put the Snowman Visual Perceptual Skills Pack in a binder to save your winter worksheets all in one place
  • Read books about snowmen
  • Watch Frosty the Snowman
  • Talk about winter and snowmen
  • Play visual perceptual games like I Spy, search a word, and Spot It

This is a digital file.