Polar Bear Play Theme

We borrowed a bunch of Polar Bear books from the library last week and had so much fun with them, that we decided to do a bunch of

Polar Bear activities!

Polar Bear Imagination Play, Polar Bear learning, Polar Bear craft, and Polar Bear snack!

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We’ve been reading these books all weekend, and they are SO much fun!  The kids especially love Ice Cream Larry, which is such a silly, fun story!  Baby Girl is such a fan of books…And I love when she brings a book to me and curls up in my lap to (flip pages like a maniac) read a fun book!
Some of our favorite Polar Bear Books for Kids:

 Ice Cream Larry by Daniel Manus Pinkwater

Touch the Sky, My Little Bear
by David Bedford

God Gave Us the World
by Lisa Tawn Bergren

Mama, Why?
by Karma Wilson

That’s Not My Polar Bear
by Fiona Watt

I put together a bin with a bunch of craft supplies so we are ready to do all kinds of Polar Bear activities.  We had a stay-at-home day today and did a few fun things while it was frigidly cold outside…
We checked out the areas where Polar Bears live and found the Arctic Ocean, Alaska, Canada, Denmark, Greenland, and Russia. 
We talked about how the mama bear finds a big mound of snow and paws a shelter to protect her and her baby cubs during winter.  Then the mama and baby come out in the spring.

polar bear quiet page for imagination and pretend play with felt

This felt board was quick to snip up while the kids were eating breakfast this morning.  So fun for imagination play!  Big Sister pretended to be the mama bear and dug out the snow mound for a little home so the baby could stay inside.

We made this big snow mound using blankets over a table.  All of the kids played in here for a long time! Little Guy kept saying “Humans are coming! Humans are coming!” and crawling in and out of the opening.  Baby Girl LOOOOVED all of the action and just got really excited to be part of it 🙂

polar bear craft

 Big Sister did a cutting and gluing craft to make a Polar Bear.  She thought Mr. Bear needed some buttons on his belly 🙂

We finished up with a little kiddie cooking activity for snack time.  Raisins, bananas, apple slices, and marshmallows made some cute little Polar Bears. 

I thought Little Guy’s Polar Bear snack was pretty cute 🙂
 We have more ideas in store for the rest of the week, so be sure to stop back to see what we are up to!  Have you done any cute Polar Bear themed activities? Link them up in the comments, I would love to check them out!!

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