Imagination Play with Play Dough

Little Guy and I had some fun with play dough and some of his cars and dinos.  And of course, bad guys.
It started with adding some green play dough around the mountain from our train set.  We used our homemade dough and added some water with blue dough.  Once I piled some lava on top of the mountain, he got pretty excited about the whole set up and kept adding things to the scene…”We need a road.  And a bridge. And a grass bridge!”

He had so much fun making foot prints in the dough and stories to go along with the guys.  How great is this for language development and pretend play?
There was a battle.
(or many…)
And the dino got stuck in the volcano just as it erupted.
 As the bad guys attacked.
What a fun day with my Little Guy.  Have you done any pretend play with play dough?
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