Invitation to Pour. Scoop. Transfer: Fine Motor Play

We’ve had a bag of mixed nuts with shells sitting out in our living room for days now.  A couple of bowls and spoons make for a fun play activity for all times of the day!

Use this fine motor activities to teach kids hand dominance while working on bilateral coordination, visual motor skills, and more! 

Invitation to Scoop, Pour, Transfer

Scooping Fine Motor Coordination
I gave the kids a couple of bowls and spoons with the walnuts, almonds, chestnuts…and a few other ones that I’m not sure of the names 🙂 …and they immediately started pouring from bowl to bowl.

Invitation to Transfer

Baby Girl (almost 2) and Little Guy (4) have been loving this!  Little Guy’s been sorting the chestnuts into a pile and gathering them all up into a bowl.  Baby Girl has been pouring and transferring nuts from bowl to bowl…and scattering the nuts allllll over the place 🙂

 Invitation to Pour

This is such a great fine motor activity for little ones, and they love playing with a novel item.  Pouring requires precise bilateral hand coordination or the nuts scatter all over the table…Although, they seem to enjoy that just as much!

Invitation to Scoop

Scooping the nuts with spoons allows for a great fine motor activity and fine motor coordination development, too.  Baby Girl is getting some great spoon practice with this activity!
 I’m thinking the walnuts, almonds, and friends will be out on the train table for a few more days for fun and exploring!