Firefly Catcher Kit Creation Station

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Summer means fireflies (do you call them lightning bugs in your house?) on warm nights with the kids running around the yard.  We are such huge fans of lightning bugs, and really all types of bugs–that we decided to create a firefly catcher…or 8!  This firefly catcher creation station was a HUGE hit in our house and would be the perfect craft for a summer play date or bug-themed party.  

Firefly bug catcher creation station kit for kids

Host a firefly bug catcher creation station:

Supplies for a lightning bug firefly bug catcher kit.

You’ll need just a few materials to get the kids creating and excited to make their firefly catchers.  We stopped at Walmart and picked up:

tape (clear tape and/or colored or washi tape)
Added extras like sticks, leaves, and stones for the fireflies
You’ll need recycled jars and containers for the firefly homes.

Set up a table with all the firefly catcher items.  Be sure to cut the Glad Press’n Seal into small square shaped pieces to fit the tops of your containers.

Firefly catcher creation station. This is a great idea for a play date or a bug themed party craft.
These kids were excited to get started.  They decorated the containers with tape, ribbon, and string.

lightning bug catcher
Once you’ve got the jars decorated as you like, place a piece of Glad Press’n Seal over the top.  It’s resealable and will make a great lid for the bug catchers.  Use a fork to poke holes in the Glad Press’n Seal for breathing holes.  You can remove the covering during the bug catching and simply pull it back into place to keep the lightning bugs happy in their new temporary home!
Make a firefly bug catcher this summer with the kids.
Lightning bug catcher creation station
My son decided to add star decorations using a star-shaped hole puncher and printer paper.  The paper stars stuck right to the Glad Press’n Seal and reminded us of a stary night.  Hopefully the lightning bugs thought the same!

Make lightning bug catchers with the kids this summer.  Add this to the summer bucket list!
These firefly catchers are gorgeously decorated in ribbons, bows, tape (even electrical tape!)

Firefly bug catchers

These lightning bug catchers are (almost) too pretty to catch bugs!  We had a lot of fun running around the yard catching fireflies and capturing memories together.  These bug catchers will be used a lot this summer!
Create pretty and fun bug catchers, lightning bug houses, and firefly catchers for summer nights with family and friends.
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Host a firefly catcher creation station play date or craft area at a bug-themed party.
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