Time Management Task Cards


These Time Management Task Cards are an effective way to talk about tasks, break them down into measurable chunks, and understand the pitfalls that prevent them from getting finished on time.

How effectively do you, or your learners manage your time?  What gets in the way of task completion?  Tasks such as: clean your room, get ready for school, finish your homework, or manage your daily appointments can seem very overwhelming. Some people push through the tasks with an organized mindset, checking items off of their mental checklist. Other people shut down, being unable to get started, or swirl around not getting much done.  

These time management task cards are full of questions to prompt understanding, analyze activities, and start an open discussion.


Time management is critical to success.   Being efficient gets tasks done quicker, with less frustration, and better quality.  People feel time differently. Try this experiment. Turn on a stopwatch and have each learner signal when they think one minute is finished. Some people feel like time goes by slower than it does, while others feel time is speeding by. The slower half tends to work at a slower pace, believing they have more time than they do.  The faster folks tend to rush through projects, feeling their time is running out.  

Neither way is an efficient way of working. Working too slowly does not get the tasks finished, while being too quick often results in poor quality or incomplete work.  

The best way to improve time management is through self reflection.  Lecturing, criticizing, and giving too much assistance is not the key to success.  Open-ended questions such as, “why can’t you do this, or why are you so slow?” do not help learners reflect on their roadblocks.  These time management task cards pose specific questions to help learners analyze, understand, and break down tasks.  A lot of answers might be “I don’t know” because people have difficulty reflecting and problem solving.  They know there is a problem, but don’t know what is wrong, or how to solve it.

Sample question cards:

  • Getting ready for bed/school – list  five steps you need to do this task. Estimate the amount of time it takes to do each task
  • Routines – Describe the routine it takes to clean your room/do homework.  Estimate the amount of time it takes you to complete these tasks.
  • Activities – how much time do you spend watching tv, looking at your phone, doing sports?
  • More or Less – Do you spend more time on homework or looking at your phone?
  • Travel time – how long does it take to get to school?
  • Schedules – what do you do on the weekend?  What do you do each morning? What time do you wake up?
  • Reflection – what are some things you would like to change about your schedule?  Name some of the things that cause you to procrastinate doing your chores. Describe how you feel when you are late to turn in an assignment at school.

How to use these task management cards

  • Select a card. Answer the question verbally or use it as a writing prompt
  • Use these cards for an individual, group, or whole class
  • Use these management cards to create a visual schedule
  • Create a visual schedule showing the time it takes to do each task
  • Identify ways to simplify a task 
  • Understand what causes procrastination
  • Pick specific questions from the deck related to a topic you are dealing with
  • Select random cards and go through the deck
  • Monitor progress using these task management cards
  • Laminate the cards or create multiple sets for the group
  • Talk as a group to problem solve the answers, one on one to discover road-blocks, or as a take home activity for self reflection

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