Corn and Cookie Cutter Simple Sensory Bin

We are on a simple sensory bin kick around here.  We’re working our way through the alphabet (although, not necessarily in ALPHABETICAL order…) with simple sensory bin ideas that focus on two or three items that you’ve got around the house.  These sensory bin items have one letter in common.  So far, we’ve played with a B sensory bin and an S sensory bin.  (yup, definitely no organized order happening here…)  Today we explore Letter C with Corn and Cookie Cutters!

 Letter C Sensory Bin

Corn sensory bin with cookie cutters

For a Corn and Cookie Cutter Sensory Bin, you will need:

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A large shallow bin

We have a bin that is filled with field corn at all times.  Little Guy will ask to play with corn at least once a week.  We fill it with random things…

Today, it’s cookie cutters!

Field corn is a larger kernel that is used to feed livestock.  The texture of field corn in a sensory bin is great for tactile play.  It makes a great sensory bin base, and we’ve used it in lots of different sensory activities. 

The cookie cutters in the corn are great for sensory play.  Pushing the cookie cutters down into the corn was such a neat sensory experience.  We talked about shapes, colors while we buried the cutters and found them again.

letter learning with a simple sensory bin

We took the shapes out and replaced them with letters.  Little Guy is working on identifying letters. 

Baby Girl and Little Guy couldn’t keep their hands out of there!

Child playing in a simple sensory bin
Such a great sensory activity…just corn kernels in a bin.  Simple and perfect!

Sensory Handwriting Practice

The ABC cookie cutters were great for practicing letter formation.  The corn kernels gave great tactile feedback when tracing the letters.

Little Guy has been practicing his letter “S”, and this was fun for him.
letter tracing for pre-handwriting activity
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